Friday, November 28, 2008

Delayed again

I'm off to London this weekend for a quick 48 hour trip. That 48 hours in London is gradually shrinking - my first flight to Warsaw was cancelled and now I am being rerouted through Vienna, which means an extra 2 hours in the tiny Krakow airport.

Regardless, I am very excited about this trip. London is one of my all time favourite cities and I haven't been in years. I think the last time must have been in the early 90s. Plus I am visiting friends from Krakow who live in London and they've been busy planning my schedule. It's nice to go to a place where you know someone who can steer you to all their favourite places.

I'll also have a chance to meet up with a fellow expat - a friend of a friend who visited me in Krakow in the summer and is currently living and working in London.

I just hope I get there soon!

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Eric said...

Let me know where you stayed...I'm hoping to pop by London to visit a friend either on my way to or back from Austria for a cousin's wedding.