Sunday, March 18, 2007

And sometimes Z

I was half listening to the radio show "And sometimes Y" on CBC radio this morning, while cleaning out still more stuff (who knew one person could accumulate so much crap?), when the host, Russell Smith, started talking about the Polish alphabet.

I have already started to discover some of the quirks of the Polish alphabet - w is pronounced v (and I don't think there is actually a V in the Polish alphabet), L is sometimes pronounced w, and z seems to be used in almost every word.

Apparently the Polish alphabet contains three different Zs. Perhaps if I can learn how each of them is pronounced, I can finally learn how to say Czesc (hi) correctly.

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K said...

I sang a couple of Christmas carols in Polish last year. It was quite something, learning that pronunciation!

One of them was called "Medrcy Swiata", although you have to imagine the little thingies on the 'e' and the 's'. Singing three consonants in a row is a trick, and we had it a lot - words like 'gdwie', 'powiedzciez', 'trzej' and 'chcecie' in the first verse alone! And as you note, not pronounced in the way you would think as an English speaker.