Friday, April 20, 2007

It's not black

Those of you who have been to my place in TO know that one of the most unique features in my unique home is my all black bathroom.

And when I say all black, I mean head to toe, floor to ceiling, black sink, black tub, black shower, black toilet black.

I've hated that bathroom since I bought the place, but figured my money could be spent better elsewhere. Oh, I and forgot to mention the other unique feature - the glass that runs all the way around the top of the bathroom, and allows guests to look down into the bathroom from the stairs. It's always been a great party trick.

Feast your eyes on my new bathroom in Krakow:

And no the bathtub is not in the living room . . .

1 comment:

Jenn said...

you're never going to come home, eh?