Friday, April 6, 2007

Keeping the streak alive

I just finished playing my last basketball game of the season, and quite possibly my last game for the next two years.

As we have for the last eight years, we made it to the final playoff game.

And, for the eighth year in a row, we lost.

This year's team wasn't expected to make it to the final, but with a great effort last week in the semi's, particularly by Mary our star center who was matched up against the tallest player in the league (6'4 at least!), we managed to make it through.

Alas, even though we played hard, we just couldn't get the ball in the basket in the first half, and ended up trailing 20 - 5 at the half.

But the moral victory was ours, as we outscored and outplayed the other team in the 2nd half, coming within 6 points in the final minute of the game, only to lose 25 - 17.

But I have to admit after 7 consecutive losses in the final, I knew as I headed out the door for the game that it probably wasn't going to be our night.

I guess if the team wins in 2008, we'll all know who was really holding the team back all these years . . .

Team - thanks for all the great games over the years. I am going to miss the games, but I'll miss the friendship even more.

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