Saturday, August 18, 2007

A child in Paris

When I was with my friends in Paris, I laughed a lot and goofed around with the kids. My 20 year-old-self would have been horrified with the 2007 version, especially when I was walking along the Seine pretending to be an elephant, a bear, a tree, and whatever else Jack commanded me to be.
One morning, I also tried to keep up with Jack, who seemingly took about 8 steps for every step I took (he and Ella had pedometers to measure their progress). At one point I was doing the "funky Jack" and trying to copy every step, pose, and dance move Jack made, which of course made him get progressively crazier.

One of my guide books said it was refreshing to see Paris through the eyes of a child, and it definitely was an experience filled with more laughter and all out giddiness then when I have traveled with other adults.

After my friends left, I wandered the streets, got soaked in a downpour, spent too much money on jewelry, ate in a beautiful art deco cafe, lost my self in a good book while drinking the ubiquitous vin rose and slowly returned to my adult life.

I loved both versions of Paris.


Jennifer said...

i spent too much money on jewelry in israel. so happy to hear someone else has that problem too...

shannon said...

I love your Paris then and now accounts and the pictures. I can visualize you and Jack and the image makes me laugh. Like you, I carry around a romanticized notion of Paris from movies and books and paintings that my two visits, ten years apart, have done little to alter one way or another.
You and I should watch Julie Delpy's new suposedly unromantic movie Two Day's in Paris. Are there any showings of movies in English in Polish theatres?
I think you may need to add a new audio track to your art audience recording about revisiting paintings in an overcrowded gallery.