Saturday, September 1, 2007

I've been busy

Can't believe I haven't posted for two weeks. My parents are here now, and providing me with much material for blogging (including burning toast which resulted in a visit from the fire department - 3 trucks, and an obsession with the reconstruction of the building across the street), but I haven't had the chance to sit down and write.

Mom and Dad arrived on the 23rd, and I've been working during the weeks (and a few too many evenings) while they've been here. I am on vacation now for a week, and we are off to Gdansk on Monday. Although I have been on a few trips since I've been here, this is the first time I've had more than a few days off in a row, and I am really looking forward to being able to relax and sleep in a bit. Plus, everyone tells me I'll love Gdansk, and that it is one of the two most beautiful citis in Poland (the other being Krakow).

The parents seem to like Krakow. Dad has developed a fondness for Polish beer and Mom has quickly found her way to the market, the cukiernas (cake and cookie shops), and several art galleries. Several times Mom has mentioned what they'll do on their next visit.

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