Sunday, September 9, 2007


I've flown to several European cities this summer: Paris, Rome, Gdansk. But I haven't flown directly to any one of them from Krakow, so I've also had pleasant stopovers in the Vienna, Munich, Milan, and Warsaw airports.

Krakow is not a hub and I can't ever get a good, cheap flight with one of the many discount airlines that apparently fly out of Krakow and fly directly to the above mentioned cities.

But, I don't mind, because one of the unexpected bonus of flying is free English language newspapers. Today I read the Warsaw Business Journal (yeah, I am a little desperate to read English newspapers), the Chicago Times, which I found lying in an airport waiting room, and the Financial Times, which is British and has an excellent weekend paper, including all my favourite weekend sections - lifestyle, arts, books, and home sections.

I have been reading more papers online lately, but nothing beats reading a physical copy.

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