Saturday, May 3, 2008


I've taken advantage of a long weekend in Krakow to catch up on posting some of my photos from recent trips. I was in Wroclaw with my parents in mid April and thoroughly enjoyed it. See here for more photos.


S & N said...

Beautiful photo, Hex. I love the colours of the houses surrounding the square. Do you think the landlords have some agreement that the buildings should all differ slightly in colour, but none dominate?

hex said...

They must! I just checked the other photos I have of the square (not posted anywhere), and although the colours are sometimes darker, the effect is pleasing, with none of them dominating.

Wroclaw's square is beautiful, it's very large (just slightly smaller than Krakow's which is the largest in central Europe), but has a different feel to it.

George said...


Yay! More Posts!