Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Po Polsku

I started my Polish lessons yesterday! I have my second lesson tomorrow morning. I wonder how long it will take me to be able to say more then "Hello, Goodbye, see you later, please and thank you" in Polish.

We spent much of our first lesson just going over the alphabet. But even that was exciting to me, as I have been desperate to be able to communicate for a while. I am often silent when I am in all Polish environments like the grocery stores, or other public places. And you know how unusual that is for me.

Polish is tough for me - my mouth is not used to making the sounds, and I can't understand much, even when I try hard to listen. Most days I just tune out the Polish being spoken all around me.

I didn't realize how tough, until I went to Italy on the weekend. I've been in Italy for a total of about 6 weeks in the last three years, yet I felt like I could speak the language or at least understand it. I could read what was on signs, and almost hold conversations (well, I couldn't actually say much other than Si,but I could understand the gist of what most people were saying to me).

But, I am hoping that will all change soon. However, I have to realize 2 hours a week will not work miracles. But I even have a text book now - "Hurra, Po Polsku 1"

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