Monday, July 9, 2007


I should be figuring out how to pay my bills online using my Polish bank account, but I can't remember how I logged into it, and it's late, and I haven't blogged for a while . . .

I got back late last night from a lovely 4 days in Umbria, Italy. As usual, Italy was fantastic. It's my third vacation trip to Italy in the last 3 years, and I love it more each time. Lots of stories this time, including driving the smallest car I have ever driven up and down over a mountain road that was little more than a track, but once again it's late in Poland and the stories will have to wait for another time.

When I got back to work today, I received two long-awaited items: my company car (wheels!) and my mobile phone (communication!). I haven't really missed having either a car or a mobile phone but I was happy to get both today. I am a little sad that my walking to work days may be over - but I'll just have to make the effort more now that I have alternate transportation.

So keep me honest and ask me periodically how many times I have walked to work that week.

Gotta go - more later - I promise . . .

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