Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dodging tour groups and cobblestones

I finally took my roller blades out for a spin today. For the last 8 weeks I've been watching others skate around Krakow, but I've always been doing something else.

I walked to the Planty (just a block or so from my apartment) and donned my skates and helmet there. I can't even remember the last time I roller bladed - I think it may have been two years ago at the Beach in Toronto, but I am not really sure. Anyway, it came back to me fairly quickly, although I felt awkward and don't want to imagine what I looked like.

The Planty is a 4 or 5km stretch of park that circles the Old town and recreates what used to be the medieval wall around the city. Most of the park contains a lovely, smooth, asphalt path that is a pleasure to skate (and walk) on. However, every so often (more often then I'd like on roller blades) the path is interspersed with cobblestones in a somewhat decorative pattern. Sure it's pretty to look at, but it's not fun with roller blades on.

Throw in massive groups of walking tours, who take up the entire width of the path, and multiple roads to cross (including tram tracks), and it's a bit of an obstacle course.

But I managed to go around twice without harming myself or running into any tourists. Tomorrow I think I'll try the Blonia and Park Jordana, which are a bit farther away, but have fewer cobblestones and tourists.

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