Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where have all the recycling bins gone?

Recycling is not hugely popular in Krakow. When I first moved in, I asked my agent about it, and she explained that there is no recycling pick up in Krakow.

Instead, you can bring your recyclables to large bins located strategically around the city. I noticed that there were several at the end of my street (for glass, plastic, carboard, almost everything I could recycle in Toronto, except for the compostable stuff).

So, I have been saving my recyclables in my laundry room and take them down the street on an infrequent/irregular basis.

The pile has been growing rather alarmingly, so I decided I needed to take it out. Fortunately, I didn't haul it all down the street (laziness has its rewards some days), because I realized on Friday night that the recycling bins have all been removed, at least from the end of my street.

I think it must have something to do with the new park and statue that appeared nearby a few weeks ago. The statue is a replica of one that was destroyed in the war, and was officially unveiled last week during the festival.

I guess recycling bins were found to be too unsightly for the official ceremony.

Now I am wondering if they will come back.

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