Thursday, May 17, 2007

Celebrity cats

I'm tired and need to go to bed, but I wanted to tell you all just how popular Flannery and Small are in Krakow. Well, perhaps popular is not quite the right word, but they are of much interest to everyone who meets them.

A few of my colleagues came over to see them last week, and were in awe at the size of Small. Awe seems to be the right description for what my landlord and relocation agent experienced too when they met the cats.

My landlord, who has a cat, asked if Small was a special breed. He'd never seen a cat that large (maybe he was just being polite and not commenting on her obvious weight issues). My relocation agent was fascinated with both Flannery and Small, and couldn't believe that they both just lay on the bed and looked at her while she talked to them and petted them. She too has a cat, which is apparently a mutant, as it is half the size of Flannery.

I like telling everyone Small's weight in kilos (9.4 kg when she was weighed just prior to the flight), because it makes her sound thin. However, the Poles still gasp in amazement.

I think most Polish cats must be outdoor cats, although I haven't seen many around. My two housebound cats are causing quite the commotion. But in a positive way - my colleague who saw them on Friday, complimented them several times this week.

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Shannon Reynolds said...

Maybe even a certain black and white cat I know could find popularity and admiration in Poland.