Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Random unexpectedness

Things that surprised me in Krakow this week:

1. A priest (or monk?) in full robes carrying a Hugo Boss shopping bag.
2. The number of Kebab shops in Krakow - far and away the most popular fast food (at least by the number of places that sell them)
3. The blue lights in my bathroom.
4. A nun demonstrating dance steps to her fellow nun while walking to work.
5. A small television set in the dash of a cab (for a moment I thought it was showing soft porn, but it was actually a shopping channel . . )
6. Mail from home (thanks Mom!)


Lor said...

Did Marcin explain the clergy thing to you? He was really surprised when he moved here and found that priests & nuns were stereotyped as mean. He told me that in Polska, they're cool and fun - and apparently like to wear the fashionable clothing.

DW said...

Reminds me of the classic Fall song "Hip Priest."