Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Let the adventure begin

After a long but uneventful flight, I arrived in Krakow yesterday at 1 pm.

Spring is in full force here - the lilacs are already in bloom, and soft shades of green dominate. Everything looks fresh and new, and Krakow is even more beautiful then it was in the winter. Strangely, the youth of spring is a jarring contrast to the old buildings here. Somehow, the new foliage seems unexpected in the city, but that's probably just because I saw Krakow twice in the winter, when everything was barren.

I took a long nap yesterday afternoon, and then ventured out around 8 for dinner and a long walk. The daylight was just fading as I started out, and everything seemed even more magical in the twilight. People were out in droves, strolling along the Planty, walking their dogs, eating ice cream, or just enjoying the weather.

I couldn't stop grinning. I can't believe how lucky I am!

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