Thursday, May 3, 2007

Constitution Day

Today is a national holiday in Poland. It's Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of Poland's constitution in 1791. Poland's constitution is the oldest in Europe and the 2nd oldest in the world.

To celebrate the day off, and the continuing beautiful weather, I met a colleague and her 9 month old baby this morning for a walk in the Blonia and Park Jordan. The Blonia is a huge meadow, populated by runners, cyclists, rollerbladers, and people just strolling. I look forward to my rollerblades arriving in Poland next week so I can join them. Rollerblading seems extremely popular here - everyone was skating, as they call it.

They need to rollerblade to work off their morning snack. My colleague treated me to morning coffee and cake shortly after we met, and the cakes were all heavily cream-based (lactose intolerant me had a cookie and herbal tea). Yet, all the Poles are slim - I havent' seen any one who is obviously overweight.

This afternoon I headed back to the mall, for the third time in as many days. I haven't spent this much time at a mall since I was a teenage mall rat hanging out at West Ed. However, it's the only shopping venue open on the national holidays, and I still need things to get settled into the apartment. I look forward to not going to the mall tomorrow.

Flannery and Small are scheduled to arrive in Krakow tomorrow at 1 pm. I hope their cutlture shock will be minimal and that they adjust to their new Polish life quickly.

I promise to post some pictures soon. It's been a bit of blur getting settled here, but I have been taking photos everyday.

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