Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's a beautiful weekend here in Krakow. The temperature has hovered near 20 degrees Celsius both days and the light has that special soft quality particular to spring.

I've taken full advantage of the weather this weekend: going for a long walk yesterday, stopping to sit in the grass by the riverbanks and blow bubbles with my friend and her 20 month old son; running in the Planty this morning, and then rollerblading around the Blonia this afternoon.

But my mind has been firmly in Toronto much of the weekend. In between outdoor activities, I've been immersed in Michael Redhill's excellent novel Consolation. The novel traces events in Toronto in 1997 and 1856. It deals with issues of loss, both personal and municipal (Torontonians have long been scolded for their inability to preserve the city's heritage), grief and loneliness.

The 1856 plot line involves a young Englishman struggling to make a life for himself in a new land in which he doesn't know anyone (sound familiar?), but what's even more compelling for me are the descriptions of the Toronto of 160 and 10 years ago. It's like reading a guidebook for the city I know so well. I've been transported to many places I haven't thought about in a long while.

I'm wishing I could visit right now.

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