Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dishpan hands

Sometime in the midst of my uber-busy work week, my dishwasher stopped working. No warning, no noise, no nothing. Just no water. Which translates to no clean dishes.

Luckily, I ate very few meals here last week, so was able to hide the dirty dishes in the non-functioning dishwasher. Sadly that tactic couldn't last forever . . .

Today I started to wash all the dishes the old-fashioned way. It's been years since I've lived in a place without a dishwasher. I realized quickly I have a very small sink and a very large dishwasher.

Fortunately the washing machine is working, as it's been going full-throttle all weekend, chugging it's way through the mound of laundry I have neglected in favour of working the last few weeks. The parents come to Krakow tomorrow, and if my luck holds, they will have clean sheets to sleep in, and fluffy towels to dry off with.

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George said...

Boo! Broken dishwasher!

Yay! More posts!